Topics of the Congress


  • Hirudotherapy and Modern medicine (conventional, traditional, complementary, the health systems of the countries of the world);
  • Theoretical issues of Hirudotherapy (historical aspects of hirudotherapy, the contemporary understanding of the mechanisms of its influence, the basics of therapeutic applications, and others);
  • Clinical Hirudotherapy:
  • clinical practice of Internal diseases (cardiology, gastroenterology, pathology of kidney and urinary system, and others);
  • clinical practice of Surgery (general surgery, phlebology, gynecology and andrology, traumatology and other);
  • Aesthetic medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetology, and others);
  • in the practice of physician-specialist (ENT-pathology, dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, and others)
  • Features of the child’s age and patients of older age groups;
  • Modern Veterinary practice;
  • Preventive and curative direction;
  • Various topics